Join Rebecca, James and so many others as they race for clean water.


Read on to learn more about Team World Vision and their mission.

Imagine what would it be like to a child, like nine-year-old Yvette from Rwanda, who must walk an hour, one-way, twice a day, to draw water for her family from a dirty runoff pool. She dreams of becoming a doctor, but instead of going to school, she is forced to do this “water walk” over rugged terrain, teeming with predators, while carrying a 40-pound jerry can filled with disease-infested water that will make her and her family sick. This is the harsh reality for 845 million people around the world who lack one of life’s necessities. Not only is lack of access to clean water one of the root causes of poverty, but, each year, more people die due to diseases associated with unsafe water than AIDS and malaria combined.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Team World Vision equips participants to complete a full or half marathon while raising funds for clean water projects in Africa. Every year, 80% of people who join Team World Vision have never run before.

The idea of completing a full or half marathon is scary.

The fact is, water changes the lives of children. They have better health, improved nutrition, and can go to school instead of spending the day fetching water. When you decide to run, jog, or walk with Team World Vision, you are choosing to stride to bring an end to the arduous “water walk” that mostly women and young girls have no choice but to do twice a day, every single day.

World Vision provides access to clean water to a new person every 10 seconds and is the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the World. Last year, World Vision reached over 4.6 million new people with clean water.

$50 provides life-changing clean water to children in need.

Asking for money is scary. The truth is, Team World Vision participants invite people to help make a radical impact on the clean water crisis. When people give, they are contributing to a global movement that is already in motion. These funds go into finishing current projects and starting new ones. Team World Vision participants are inviting people into something extraordinary: providing clean, safe water to communities for generations.

What You Get When You Join Team World Vision:

  1. A personal web page that makes online fundraising safe and easy
  2. Training plans & fundraising resources to help you get to the finish line
  3. Weekly training emails to keep you on track
  4. Group Runs to train with other people in your area
  5. Access to Team World Vision staff and volunteers to answer questions
  6. Swag when you hit fundraising levels

Team World Vision Madison is participating in the Madison Marathon and Half Marathon on November 11, 2018. Training for the full marathon begins May 14th. Training for the half marathon begins July 9th.

Visit to join the team.

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  • Anne Weirich says:

    Team World Vision is an AWESOME organization! They have changed my life! I was a “non-runner” and joined the team in 2009 and have been running with them ever since! The work they do is INCREDIBLE and there is not better team to train for a marathon with!

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