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  • Craig Griffis says:

    I know I’m late sharing, but my wife and I dealt with the same thing with our daughter when she was 5. For unrelated reasons, we were teaching our girls (4 of them) the armor of God. One evening, a friend of ours who was an elementary school teacher at the local Christian school was at the house and the girls were telling her what they had learned about the armor of God. She shared with them that when she taught the armor to her students, she reminded them that they should never turn their back on Satan because their back was the only thing exposed when they were fully armored. Over the next few weeks, Rachel’s nightmares went away. One night while tucking her in, my wife and I found her Bible in her bedding. We observed as she finished her prayers and devotions, she slipped her Bible into the small of her back. We asked her why and she referred back to Ann’s reminder not to turn your back on Satan. She said, “I can’t keep an eye on him when I’m sleeping, so I just leave that up to God.” No more nightmares. The armore of God and her Bible to assure God had her back and she never had a problem again.


    1. Dave Conour says:

      Thank you, Craig! I appreciate the advice very much.

      -Dave Conour

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