The Bible tells us to ‘rejoice in the Lord always’. But what does that really mean, and how can I rejoice in the Lord when everything in my life seems to be falling apart?

Pastor Robert Morgan shares two important truths about what it really means to rejoice in the Lord, and how we can do so even in the midst of the most tumultuous life circumstances.

Robert says we often fall into the trap of believing that joy is something that happens to us. We believe it’s an emotion based on circumstances that we can’t really control. However, he says that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The most important thing to remember about rejoicing is that it’s actually a choice we can make.

“Rejoicing in the Lord is to trust God so much that our attitudes are effected. The Apostle Paul commands us to rejoice. This is a decision we have to make. It’s not particularly an emotion, it’s an attitude. Emotions come and go, but attitudes come and grow.”

Robert also explains that we don’t have to be the victim of a joyless life because rejoicing is based on who God is, not our circumstances. If our joy is based on our circumstances, we will encounter times in our lives where we have no reason to rejoice, because everything seems to be going wrong. However, if our joy is found in God and who He is, we will always have a reason to rejoice because God and His promises are unchanging.

“It’s not that the circumstances are any better, because they aren’t. However, God is in control of those circumstances and He promises that things are going to work out for your good and His glory. We can not always rejoice in our load, but we can always rejoice in our Lord. At that point the tide begins to turn.”

Where is your joy found? Is it based on your ever-changing circumstances, or is it based on the God who has everything in control and is working on your behalf?

Rejoicing in the Lord always


Rob Morgan is the pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served for 33 years.  He is a best-selling and Gold-Medallion winning writer with over 25 books in print and over 3.5 million in print circulation.

Key Scripture: Philippians 4:6

Featured Songs: Amazed – Lincoln Brewster; Lavish – Big Daddy Weave and Francesca Battistelli; You’re Going to Be Okay – Bethel Music

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  • Denise says:

    My nephew shared a story with his mom, and i .He was so excited that you came to visit his class a few weeks ago ,I believe it was.He well his mom as well listens to your radio station all the time.i was having some problems and he sang I”I believe ” from memory no music no words written from memory .He was devastated that he was not one of the kids to be picked to say a message for on the I was wandering maybe when he has a day off from school maybe you would allow him to come see your studio? He soul is like no other chip I’ve ever been around.He uplifts anyone who’s sad and is encouraging his classmates when there having bad days.He is AN AMAZING CHILD.I HOPE YOU WILL HELP ME OUT WITH THIS .THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND THE MUSIC.HES THE ONE WHO TOLD ME TO LISTEN TO YOU AND MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOR THE POSITIVE.THANKYOU.

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