I’ve been going through some eating disorders and bad anxiety the past 3 years of my life as well has seeking validation from others. I’ve always been a believer in Christ, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve made more of an effort to really build that relationship with Him. There are two songs that literally speak to me as if He is saying the lyrics to me. The first song is By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North. “Why are you looking for love? Why are you searching, as if I’m not enough? To where will you go, child?” Those lyrics spoke to me and made me realize that there is no love like God’s love and that no matter what He is always there and that instead of finding love elsewhere, I should look to Him. The second song is Made New by Lincoln Brewster. “You’re making me stronger. You’re healing my heart” Those words spoke to me because God IS making me stronger. By making me stronger, He is healing my heart. God will never give us more than we can handle. He knows that sometimes hardships are a way to come out stronger and wiser. Those hard times are blessings in disguise, and for that I am eternally thankful. God is SO good!

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