I drive every other weekend to go see my children in Wisconsin Rapids. When I hit The other side of Oconomowoc your station finally comes in. My heart always lifts and the joy, no matter how the day has been, is apparent. Usually I hope the song “I Can Only Imagine” comes on and tears fall and I scream aloud as I drive. It gives me directions in life and what I would like for my three children. They have shown me belief when I gave up on life. Thank you so much for the gift of hope and joy your station has given me when life, by my own design, has shown me how wrong I regretfully was. The Lord, as long as I follow, will give me what I need.

P.s. Probably not what I think but he has not and will never lead me astray. I need too live the best I can in his eyes for all I can. Thank you

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