Nearly Impossible Question


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Monday 6/26/17:

On the Fourth of July weekend over 50% of people will buy this thing. What is it?

Answer: Bug spray

Tuesday 6/27/17

Nearly 20% of us carry this around in our glove compartment. What is it?

Answer:  Toothpaste

Wednesday 6/21/17

Most people agree that this is the number one thing that would put them into a bad mood. What is it?

Answer: Spill something on themselves

Thursday 6/22/17

95% of kindergarten teachers are women, there is another profession that is also 95% women… What is it?

Answer: Dental Hygienist

Friday 6/23/17

Just under 20% of us currently have one of these in our house. What do you think it is?

Answer: A room so cluttered you can’t use it