Nearly Impossible Question


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Monday 5/22/17:

According to a recent survey 1/3 of men say this is their #1 comfort food. What is it?

Answer: Mashed potatoes

Tuesday 5/16/17

Over 700 of these will sell in 10 seconds. What is it?

Answer: McDonald’s hamburgers

Wednesday 5/17/17

People have a 50% higher likelihood of doing this when it’s sunny out. What is it?

Answer: Sing in the car

Thursday 5/18/17

Over 60% of men say they kind of like this thing, 30% of men say they fear it. What is it?

Answer: Dancing

Friday 5/19/17:

According to a survey, most women say that having this happen to them would ruin their day. What is it?

Answer: Pants are too tight