Last week on Thanksgiving I got some difficult news. I was filled with anger and hurt. I wanted to scream at all the black Friday sales and the Christmas decorations on Main Street. Don’t they know this isn’t Christmas?

But this week I heard a new Christmas song:

Do not be dismayed, help is on the way,
A savior is born, God’s gift to you.
Peace on the earth, no need to fear.
Good news, do not be afraid,
Good news, do not be afraid.

Do Not Be Afraid, JJ Weeks Band

Familiar words, but today the words and melody wrapped around me like warm water and I realized that more than hurt and angry, I was afraid. And now, the message from the angel was for me, “Good news, do not be afraid.”


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  • David Lance says:

    I tried to figure out why I was going through what I was going through…then I heard the Lord say “your not suppose to”. So I said to myself I’m not going to anymore, I’m just staying in the believing mode. He knows and we don’t. Your not wiser than Him so don’t try to be!

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