Drive Thru Difference


The beauty of kindness is that it often sparks a chain reaction…the GOOD kind of contagious!  This was certainly the case at a Starbucks in Florida.  One woman offered to pay it forward and buy the stranger in the car behind her their coffee.  This stranger did the same for the stranger behind them.  This went on for 11 straight hours with 376 different people all one after another paying for someone else’s coffee!  Click here for the story.

The woman who began the chain had no idea what she was starting.  I’m guessing even in her wildest dreams she wouldn’t have guessed it would have gone that far.  Only God knows all the stories of days brightened, hope springing to life, and faith that there is good in the world being restored has person after person received generosity and then gave generously.

At Life 102.5 we encourage people to consider offering this kind of blessing to a stranger on the first Friday of every month with the Drive-Thru Difference.  If you’ve never tried it, maybe this is your time!

You simply never know how far your faithfulness to being a person full of the Fruit of the Spirit will go.  You could be the person that starts the next massive chain reaction of kindness.  Will you be a good kind of contagious today?



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  • Pam Stender says:

    I love the concept of the drive through difference but I don’t do much driving thru. One day the word drive hit me as significant and it came to me how I could participate. My heart goes out when I go to gas up and I see the person before me put single digit $ in their tank. I don’t remember a time when I could not fill up. I decided I would make a “drive difference” and today I gave a $20 to a woman who was putting in $5 and I got blessed with a smile, hug and a thank you.

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